Studying: We’ve been Doing it Wrong


This is called studying with incentive: every time you reach a section, you eat a gummy bear!

This is a new discovery for me, and with midterms quickly approaching, I’m up for anything that could get me to actually read my french book.

Despite feeling a little like Pavlov’s dog, whenever I got a conjugation or translation correct, I tossed myself a gummy bear. Let me tell you, the first twenty minutes or so were sweet–literally. After that I got a little queasy and ended up with sips of water versus small edible animals.

Since the unfortunate discovery that I’m too good at french for this specific technique, I’ve been looking around for similar ways to improve my fluency.

Ice cream was a no go as it melted into a soupy, still delicious mess that required a large spoon and my full attention.

Chocolate made me more likely to day dream and snooze than concentrate.

Potato chips were too greasy and I got crumbs all over my book. I hate crumbs.

Not only did none of these work the way I wanted them to, but if I did decide to do any of these, I would be sure to gain the freshman 40.

My epiphany came while a friend and I were attempting to toss trail-mix bits into each others mouthes. It hit me like a cashew in the forehead. Probably because it was a cashew that hit me in the forehead. Neither of us should play any sport that requires aim.

Trail mix was salty, sweet, crunchy and relatively healthy. Renewed by my discovery I sat down for an hour and a half and went through all my chapters. If you have ever seen me study then you know I go at it in fifteen minute intervals punctuated by twenty minutes of procrastination.

Ladies and gents, I think I might actually pass college.

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